Acupuncture Baton Rouge

Stewart Sommers

baton rouge accupuncture practitioners, eastern medicine

My interest in this field began several years ago after learning that acupuncture was sometimes used in China as the only form of anesthesia for certain surgical procedures – more so in the past but still today in some cases. My mom, an anesthesiologist, was attending a medical conference during which she saw video footage of a surgical procedure being performed using acupuncture anesthesia. She was impressed, and after she mentioned it to me, I was intrigued. My intrigue grew into interest as I started investigating the authenticity of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

I studied a pre-med curriculum in college but decided not to pursue medical school. I really don’t know if I had ever even heard of acupuncture before my mom’s mention of it. And to be honest, the intrigue I had initially was first met with a healthy dose of skepticism, but the more I found out about acupuncture and its’ merits, the more I started to see myself pursuing it as a career. The graduate program I attended provided me a solid foundation in both classroom study and clinical experience.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to establish and grow a practice here in Baton Rouge. It’s been fulfilling and satisfying to provide patients with the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. As acupuncture has increasingly become a more mainstream medical treatment across the U.S., I’m pleased to be able to provide people in our community access to this ancient healing tradition.